10 Great Facts You Might Not Know

  • 20 August 2021

Advertising is the way that many online publishers make money. It’s not unusual to see ads on the side of a webpage, on a pop-up, or on a video. However, some people find these ads to be extremely annoying. Those people often turn to ad blockers to block these ads from popping up.

  1. Ad blockers are available for popular web browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
  2. Ad blockers are able to detect advertising content because it is often found in the same places on a webpage as other content.
  3. Companies like Google provide ads to publishers in an effort to make money.
  4. Publishers provide content that is available for viewing for free.
  5. Ad blockers are available for desktop browsers as well as for mobile devices.
  6. Ad blocking is most popular with Android users.
  7. The number of people using ad blockers is on the rise.
  8. Adblock Plus is funded by donations.
  9. Ad blockers can be installed by the user on their own devices, or installed by the publisher.
  10. Page Fair is also an ad blocker, but it is trying to incentivize publishers to offer better ads.

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